Branch information clearing houses

Branch information clearing houses

When everybody in the branch knows … It is important that you know too!!!

A check of one of your clients to another supplier in the industry bounces? One of your clients lags in payments to other suppliers in the industry? A supplier filed a lawsuit against one of your clients? A customer conducts a “sting” operation and the whole industry knows?

CofaceBdi has created information partnerships among leading companies in dozens of industries to reduce the risk of business relationships.

Clearinghouse members report to CofaceBdi about payment lags, returned checks, and lawsuits involving their clients. Member reports are checked and verified by CofaceBdi, a clearinghouse member immediately receives all the reports accumulated in the clearing house (without revealing the source) and the alerts from the Red Lights ®” mechanism, as well as notification of returned checks and restricted accounts.

Every member can connect himself at any time to the central database of the clearinghouse, perform “queries” and find alerts on clients.


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