Business Information Databases

Business Information Databases

CofaceBdi against all risks!!!

Do you have to decide on a credit limit for a customer? Increasing the customer’s maximum credit limit? Checking offers from various suppliers? Considering a business relationship ?

Get the right information to reduce your risks – CofaceBdi “Your private” consultant

The up to date CofaceBdi report, that excels in quality and reliability, is a necessary tool in the credit decision making process, purchasing, marketing, or any other business decision.

The CofaceBdi report includes :

• Company contact and identification details

• Description of activity

• List of customers

• List of suppliers

• Related companies

• Opinions from trade references

• Main financial data and analysis

• Ranking of company’s risk levels

• Details of liens / registerd charges

• Ownership and management details

• Results of CofaceBdi database survey: court decision and judgment executions,list of “Red Lights”®,etc

• Risk level evaluation

• Credit recommendation

• Sample reports: sample 1, sample 2


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