Companies Registry Report

Companies Registry Report

One click for a Companies Registry Report

CofaceBdi is a licensed supplier of The Ministry of Justice for the provision of information from the Companies Registry. This service allows immediately to receive in your computer screen ownership details of a company and to monitor changes in ownership. The Identification is performed the company name or registration number in the Companies Registry database

Companies’ registry reports and reverse searches one-time orders can be purchased with a credit card –  by contacting CofaceBdi service to receive the report by mail.

Tel. 03-5770333 or by mail [email protected].

Additional free information

Synchronization of all users – receipt of message whether the Registry report ordered is already in your database and has been already extracted by another user in your company.

Monitoring of companies and detailed alerts on changes by Registry chapters.

Saving of extracted Company Registries in a website library for continued treatment and monitoring.

Additional information from CofaceBdi’s databases including updates identification details of the extracted company: address, telephone, fax, e-mail, website, turnover, activity, branch classification, number of employees and map.

Information from the Companies Registry can also be obtained through the Government Services and Information website and payment will be according to the amount fixed in the Regulations with no commission or other additional charges.

These instructions are also valid for “reverse searches” when performed by the Companies Registry.

“Reverse search”
The service allows receiving information on all companies where a factor is registered in the database as a director or shareowner.

Searches are possible by ID or registration number (company or partnership).
Searches can be performed by the following factors: human / company / partnership.
Results are only from the Companies Registry.
A list of companies will be returned where the factor serves as a director or as an active shareowner.
If the shareowner or director serves in a company in erased / registration process / draft / unused number status, no relationships will be returned.

In addition, if a shareowner or director serves in a reporting company the relationship will not be returned.

Inverse search in the Companies Registry


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