Polaim Fund for Businesses

Polaim Fund for Businesses

  עיון בסטאטוס בקשה

Bank Hapoalim, in cooperation with Clal Insurance and Cofacebdi, are glad to inform on the launching of a new fund for small businesses – “Poalim Fund for Businesses”

“Poalim Fund for Businesses” will grant small businesses loans up to a cumulative amount of NIS 8 Billion.

Faster – Fast approval process within 14 business days from the date of application.
Larger – loans up to NIS 3 Million or up to 10% of the business turnover.
Better financial terms – especially attractive financial terms and 25% collateral (after security coefficient as customary in banks)
More flexible – Up to 6 years and the possibility of grace up to a year.

Please contact:

Tel. 03-5770333
Fax. 03-6164305
E-mail [email protected]
Address – 11 Ben Gurion St. Bnei Brak
POB 844 Bnei Brak 51108


Economic consultants by regions

Region Name Telephone Mobile E-mail
Sharon Naama Ohana 09-8604998 054-3552202 [email protected]
Negev Mazal Elimelech 08-6252324 054-4974034 [email protected]
South Yafit Bar 08-9480516 052-8694151 [email protected]
North & Haifa Michal Rensler 04-8681558 054-4978795 [email protected]
Jerusalem Ifat Yair 02-6403521 054-7700046 [email protected]
Center hila ben david 03-5769090 054-6001606 [email protected]


A user id and password will be sent to you upon receipt of the business plan in our offices.
Every application submitted is send to the bank for approval. Only after preliminary approval the business plan will be recorded and a mail will be sent to the company / consultant

Starting 30/09/2019, every company that submits a loan application to the Poalim fund will be required to present audited financial statements for 2018.

Dealers will be required to present the final tax assessment for 2018.

For more details, see the Hebrew page